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Gallagher puts strain into fence systems

While Gallagher is renowned for developing world leading, cutting edge technology for farmers worldwide, they also focus on continually improving the basic components of a good fence. The latest improvement is the redesigning and engineering of the strain insulator to create an Extra High Voltage Strain Insulator.

Graham Johns, Gallagher Fencing Product Manager says while the strain insulator is a small part of a farm’s fencing system, it plays a vital role as the last point of contact between an electrified wire and the post or short end.

“The most significant change we have seen in recent years has been the boost in voltage delivered through electric fence systems. Energizers such as the Gallagher M5800i and M10,000i now deliver 10kV through fences, with up to 15kV seen in some cases. This is a good 50-70% above what older insulators were designed to handle.”

The new design has increased the “tracking distance” between the electrified fence wire and the tie off wire, while the addition of insulation ribs provides twice the insulation performance of the previous model.

“Our designers took their inspiration from the type of insulator used by power companies on high voltage lines, and this has the same effect.”

This product is especially suited to places where the farmer really does not want stray voltage, such as electric fences close to dairy sheds and hay barns.

For farmers wanting to reuse their insulators Gallagher have also made the new strain insulator easier to remove, with the tie off ends more easily snipped off and taken out for easy re-installation elsewhere.

Given New Zealand’s unforgiving reputation for high ultraviolet radiation’s effects on materials, the Extra High Voltage Strain Insulator has a specially formulated UV resistant polycarbonate body that can withstand the rigours of sunshine and constant tension year in, year out.

The new Extra High Voltage Strain Insulator is an ideal component to match with Gallagher’s new Insulated End Strainer launched earlier this year. This incorporates the ability to insulate, strain and connect the fence line, all within the one component.

As with the strain insulator, Gallagher designers took a whole new look at this equally vital but overlooked component.

It eliminates unnecessary joins, ensures optimal tension levels when straining, and also increases insulation by 1.7 times over previous models.

Both the Extra High Voltage Strain Insulator and the Insulated End Strainer come with a 10 year warranty to match their robust, quality designs.